These are examples of bathroom designs we have completed.  No level of detail is too great, no stone or tile too challenging for our installers.  Go wild with your imagination!  Let us assist you with the design and layout of your new room.  Remember the resale value points – just after curb appeal is kitchens and bathrooms.

Click this first image for a high resolution photo of this amazing work.  Look at the details in the texture lines of the stones.  Examine the masterful cuts around diagonal corners.  Notice the softer curved edges – the tiny grout joints.  This is what sets Tile Masterworks apart!

Tile Masterworks master bath - click for large viewCopper sink with backsplash, black galaxy topWave pattern sink set in solid granite

Steam room with inset glass block and natural stone wrapTravertine with river rock accents, notice the access panel for tubGlass vanities, polished slate and walnut cabinetPorcelain tiles and Ostrich Slate dual showerDouble vanity in copper with Fluer De Lis


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